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This site is not an Official site from MY Space. Note to all this page is manage by my self i have no help from anyone to manage this site so PLZ be aption, because i will be adding many more codes and pics well thank you for your help and soport...


Click the linck below to see my profile http://www.myspace.com/danny_m_2785

Here you'll learn all about me:  Danny Muņiz:


My interest is very simple. All that I want is to get my G.E.D. so that I can get into college to get my degree in computers and in business to open a computer shop and as for my hobbies, you guest it!!.. I like to work computers, for example: fixing components, programming.   


My reason for doing this type of sites is to help inspirer other people into achieving there goals, what I mean is that there is a number of people that want to frothily dreams but they don’t have the know how or the help that is required to do it. So I have decided to make several web pages with information that includes Government assistance and other very important things.

I am 21 years old, I have brown hair, brown eyes, tan, 5 ft - 8 in, and I'm also single. I go to school for my G.E.D. After I have achieve that I plan to go to college to get my degree in computer programming, building, and my degree in business so that I would be able to open a computer shop.


I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, raise in Puerto Rico, for about 10 years in between that time my family and moved back and forth from P.R. and the U.S. I also have visited New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and among them a few other local cities around me.

This are some pics of home town Springfield: